Lear Capital Review

Lear Capital was established in 1997 and is based out of Los Angeles, CA. They are one of the leaders in the gold investing industry for rare coins; however they do not offer gold bars.

My Thoughts On Lear Capital

Lear Capital did not even make it close to my final list. In fact I never even bothered calling Lear Capital.

By the time I started researching Lear Capital I already had spoken with many previous gold investing companies. So prior to calling I would go do my online diligence first.

The amount, nature and details of the complaints I found online was disturbing enough to not even warrant a call on my end.

Many complaints spoke of very deceptive sales practices, and I hate pushy, high-pressure salesman; therefore I never picked up the phone and avoided the hassle altogether. I am at an age where wasting time is not a luxury anymore.

Things I Like About Lear Capital

  • Lear Capital publicly displays their executives (many companies hide this data).
  • BBB accredited
  • Great BCA ranking
  • Wide selection of rare coins

Things I Don’t Like About Lear Capital

  • No BBB ranking (even though accredited).
  • Many negative reviews, and complaints left unresolved.
  • Slow delivery of purchased metals, typically taking a month.
  • Fees are higher than competitors.

Lear Capital Better Business Bureau (BBB) Ratings & Review

Lear Capital has been accredited with the BBB since 1997, however they currently do not have a rating. In addition to no ranking they have 23 complaints filed since March 10, 2013, that is a very high number.

The natures of these complaints are “advertising/sales issues” and “problems with product/service”; there are 9 complaints filed in each of these categories! There were also billing and delivery complaints filed.

Lear Capital Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) Ratings & Reviews

Lear Capital currently has an AAA rating in the BCA, however I cannot see why. There are 38 filed complaints in the past three years.

Digging deeper into the details concerning these complaints is what made me scratch Lear Capital off my list. The nature of these complaints was downright scary, everything from never having the metals delivered to lying about commissions.


Lear Capital TrustLink Ratings & Reviews

Lear Capital currently has a 5 Star rating on TrustLink, with over 200 reviews. Most of these reviews reflect very positively on Lear Capital.

If I were to base my research solely on TrustLink I would probably have given Lear Capital a call. However, with all the negative complaints on the BBB and BCA, a solid reputation with TrustLink was not enough for me.

Thus stressing the importance of cross referencing gold IRA companies across as many review/consumer watchdog type sites as possible, giving you a bigger more accurate picture.


Why I Chose Not To Go With Lear Capital

To give Lear Capital the benefit of the doubt, they are a gigantic company, therefore getting complaints is almost unavoidable.

With that being said, reading the details of the complaints was enough for me to rule them out, especially when other gold companies have stellar track records. Another issue is the slow delivery time; Lear Capital averages 30 days to get your metals to you.

Many people also claim they charge additional fees and higher fees than other companies

Which Gold IRA Company Did I Choose?

It took me months and many phone calls to finally select a company. In the end I confidently trusted Regal Assets. There are a number of reasons I chose Regal Assets, you can read my full Regal Assets review here.

Every conversation I had with my rep from Regal Assets was not only informative but also very helpful throughout the process. I was very impressed with their customer service; however the deciding factor to choosing Regal Assets over the other companies I contacted was the overwhelming social proof.

An A+ BBB rating, an AAA BCA rating, over 400 5-Star reviews on TrustLink, notable mentions and ratings in highly respected publications, an honest and knowledgeable customer support and a customer friendly, easy to understand fee structure are the reasons I invested with Regal Assets.