Birch Gold Group Review

Birch Gold Group is one of the most trusted names in gold IRA investing. They maintain perfect ratings with the BBB, BCA and TrustLink. They also appear to offer some of the best customer service in the industry.

Birch Gold was very impressive on the phone, they were actually the very first company I called in my search to rollover a portion of my IRA. I almost decided to invest with Birch Gold after the 1st phone call. However, my gut told me to research multiple companies and put each under the microscope before making a decision.

As impressive as their reputation is online, in the end I did not actually invest with Birch Gold. The only issue that kept me from choosing Birch Gold over the company I did invest with, Regal Assets; was the lack of social proof when compared to Regal Assets.

What I Like About Birch Gold

  • Outstanding scores with the BBB, BCA & TrustLink.
  • Responsive, honest & knowledgeable staff.
  • Competitive fee structure with other gold IRA companies.

What I Didn’t Like About Birch Gold Group

  • No information at all about who the owner of the company is.
  • Sales people could not address the buyback program.

Birch Gold Group Better Business Bureau (BBB) Ratings & Review

Birch Gold Group boasts a stellar reputation with the BBB; they have an A+ rating and have been accredited since November of 2011. They also have no complaints to date.

Birch Gold Group Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) Ratings & Review

Currently Birch Gold Group has a perfect AAA score with the Business Consumer Alliance, to accompany that score they have 0 complaints.

However, some older comments on the BCA website leave the impression that Birch Gold resolved previous complaints and was able to get them removed. These comments also mention Birch Gold having to offer partial refunds to satisfy the customer.

Birch Gold Group TrustLink Ratings & Review

Birch Gold also has a perfect rating with TrustLink, maintaining a 5 Star average. The issue here that bothered me is seeing only 30 reviews, while that may not seem like a small number, compared to some other companies it is, and for me social proof speaks volumes.

Why I Ultimately Didn’t Choose Birch Gold Group

This was a tough choice for me, Birch Gold was the first company I spoke with and as mentioned earlier it was almost the last. My conversation with them went well, they provided solid information and appeared to be honest and ethical.

I ended up choosing Regal Assets, and the reason I chose Regal Assets over Birch Gold came down to the overwhelming amount of social proof that Regal Assets showed in the TrustLink forum.  Plus the sales rep would not give me details on the buyback program, one of the most important issues when dealing with gold IRA companies.

400+ great reviews vs. 30 great reviews.

I by no means am saying Birch Gold Group is not a good company to invest with; they were in the running in my book to the very end, but the bottom line was 400 vs. 30.

Which Gold IRA Company Did I Choose?

It took me months and many phone calls to finally select a company. In the end I confidently trusted Regal Assets. There are a number of reasons I chose Regal Assets, you can read my full Regal Assets review here.

Every conversation I had with my rep from Regal Assets was not only informative but also very helpful throughout the process. I was very impressed with their customer service; however the deciding factor to choosing Regal Assets over the other companies I contacted was the overwhelming social proof.

An A+ BBB rating, an AAA BCA rating, over 400 5-Star reviews on TrustLink, notable mentions and ratings in highly respected publications, an honest and knowledgeable customer support and a customer friendly, easy to understand fee structure are the reasons I invested with Regal Assets.