Bullion Vault Review

Bullion Vault is a London, England based company which was established in 2005. They provide a peer to peer exchange for gold or silver and provide stockbroker type services, allowing members to buy, sell and track their investments. Bullion Vault does have access to the professional standard bullion market, due to it the World Gold Council, owning a share of the company.

Overview of Services Offered

Bullion Vault offers clients professional trading in gold or silver. Unlike many gold investment companies, the focus of Bullion Vault is not retirement savings, IRA rollovers or providing protection from the economic fluctuations of the market.  Bullion Vault’s primary focus is about creating profits.

The company operates in a similar manner to a stock exchange, facilitating making a profit through buying or selling gold or silver. This approach can be a little overwhelming for new investors or those who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the precious metals market. While Bullion Vault does provide great services to professional level investors who have a thorough understanding of the industry and marketplace, if you are looking to make an investment to your asset portfolio or protect your retirement funding, it may not provide appropriate services for you. Lack of knowledge in the industry could allow you to make some significant errors in your Bullion Vault purchases or sales, which could cost you a great deal of money.

Customer Complaints and Ratings

While there are a number of client reviews which praise the services of Bullion Vault, many of these are written from the perspective of the professional investor. For a number of non professional investors, the experience has not been as satisfying. Some customers have complained about delaying tactics, lack of information and other poor service, which has made it difficult for individuals to invest. The company has recognized that their systems can make it challenging to provide a quick responsive service to their clients. Some of the customer reviews and complaints very strongly suggest that they would not recommend using the services of Bullion Vault to a friend.

However, Bullion Vault does have a respectable rating from the Better Business Bureau and has won numerous awards for business growth and innovation. This could mean that the company is reputable in the world of gold and silver trading, but its practices and procedures are not particularly well suited to the non professional investment sector. This would suggest that unless you have significant knowledge and experience in the marketplace, Bullion Vault may not be the company for you.

Final Thoughts

It is worth considering that Bullion Vault does have a lot to offer in the gold and silver trading industry. They are geared towards assisting professional investors and those interested in making profits through serious trading. However, this does mean that those interested in creating IRA’s or other investment portfolios for future security may not be suited to using this company.

As has been highlighted in the customer reviews and company information, Bullion Vault is suited to professional traders and non professionals without the significant knowledge and experience risk losing money through simple mistakes. Bullion Vault does not provide the guidance and advice offered by many gold investment companies, which does limit its appeal.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive gold investment service, you may wish to consider Regal Assets. Regal Assets has been established for over fifty years and specializes in helping investors large and small with their gold and precious metal trading. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ score rating. They have also been recognized in mainstream media publications such as Forbes and Smart Money. The company has a great number of positive customer reviews from previous satisfied clients and their ratings on consumer protection organization websites, recognizes this. The company takes a great pride in delivering great customer service and their professional service representatives are ready to answer any questions or queries.