US Gold Bureau Review

The US Gold Bureau is a company that never even warranted a call on my end. The primary reason for not contacting the company was the complete lack of information I found on consumer review sites.

When I began researching US Gold Bureau I had already spoken with other gold IRA companies, so before calling I would perform my research online first. What I found, or rather should I say what I didn’t find prompted me to not bother contacting them.

US Gold Bureau Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating & Complaints

The first issue here is the US Gold Bureau is not accredited with the BBB. The second issue is only having a B rating, while that may not seem very low, compared to their competition a B rating didn’t fly for me.

The third issue was the complaints, most having to deal with advertising and sales issues. As stated in other parts of this site, I can’t stand dealing with shady salespeople so reading this helped me make up my mind on not calling the US Gold Bureau.

NO BCA Or Trustlink Ratings

The US Gold Bureau appears to not have a page on either the Business Consumer Alliance or TrustLink. This I found very peculiar, as basically every company I researched had ratings and reviews on both these websites.

This only further backed my decision to not speak with US Gold Bureau; the complete lack of positive consumer feedback online compared to their competition was alarming.

Which Gold IRA Company Did I Choose?

It took me months and many phone calls to finally select a company. In the end I confidently trusted Regal Assets. There are a number of reasons I chose Regal Assets, you can read my full Regal Assets review here.

Every conversation I had with my rep from Regal Assets was not only informative but also very helpful throughout the process. I was very impressed with their customer service; however the deciding factor to choosing Regal Assets over the other companies I contacted was the overwhelming social proof.

An A+ BBB rating, an AAA BCA rating, over 400 5-Star reviews on TrustLink, notable mentions and ratings in highly respected publications, an honest and knowledgeable customer support and a customer friendly, easy to understand fee structure are the reasons I invested with Regal Assets.