Why Am I So Worried About The U.S. Dollar?

How would you feel if what happened during 1933 happened again today? Where people lost everything they had. What would you do?

Chances are you’re worried about the declining value of the U.S. Dollar, you may also be concerned about how U.S. international debt is benefiting countries like China & India; and how we seem to have no way out.  Does the way our current administration treats printing money, and increasing our national debt worry you?

These are among just a few of the reasons why so many Americans are diversifying a large portion of their portfolios’ to gold.

What Are The Most Important Questions To Ask Gold IRA Companies?

1) Tell me about ALL the fees you charge

The fee you are trying to avoid here is the “scaling” fee. Unfortunately most companies in the industry charge a scaling fee that can increase quite substantially over time. Do not even bother with companies that have this fee in place.

The storage fee you are looking for is a “flat” rate fee. This can save quite a bit of money over time. Some companies offer flat fees, however there is a limit set as to how much funding you can have in your account for the fee to remain flat. Be sure it is a flat fee regardless of how much you are investing.

The point here is to be specific with these companies and right to the point concerning fees. Do not be hesitant to ask as many questions as possible so that you fully understand all fees and how they work.

2) Which types of precious metals are IRS-approved and IRA-investable?

It is very important to ensure you are buying the correct types of precious metals that are acceptable for an IRA; these include gold, silver and platinum. The other important issue here is make sure you invest with a custodian who has a great secure storage facility to best protect your assets.

Most people, including myself when I began my search for a gold IRA company; do not realize rare/collector gold coins ARE NOT eligible for a precious metals IRA.

A big red flag when dealing with Gold IRA Companies is if the company representative is pushing you hard towards one type of metal. The reason someone may do this is because their particular company may have a higher profit margin for the metal they are pushing so hard. In this scenario their profits are their concern, not your best interest.

Here are a few IRA Eligible gold coins/bars:

  • American Eagle Gold Coins
  • American Buffalo Gold Coins
  • Various Gold Rounds & Bars .995

Here are a few IRA ineligible rare/collector gold coins:

  • U.S. Buffalo Proof
  • U.S. Liberty
  • South African Krugerrand

3) Do you offer a buyback program?

If the gold company did NOT offer a buy back program, I didn’t consider them. Why? Because I want an exit strategy. What would happen if I have I need to pull out my money right away? What if someone in my family is sick and need to pay bills?

I need the security to hear that the gold company I choose will let me sell back my gold to them at a fair market price, or that I’ll be able to withdraw my money within a maximum of 5 day period.

If you have read this far it probably means that you’re pretty serious about investing in precious metals. I have done a lot of research on many companies and the one that stood out to me above the rest, is Regal Assets.

Not only do they have an A+ rating with the BBB and a track record of being a dependable and honest company; but also the feedback from their investors is extremely positive. They have a nice combination of size, experience, and integrity that has quickly propelled them to being one of the best precious metals custodians in the industry.

Why I Chose Regal Assets For My Rollover

Click Here to view Regal Assets’ Testimonials 

It took me months and many phone calls to finally select a company. In the end I confidently trusted Regal Assets. There are a number of reasons I chose Regal Assets, you can read my full Regal Assets review here.

Every conversation I had with my rep from Regal Assets was not only informative but also very helpful throughout the process. I was very impressed with their customer service; however the deciding factor to choosing Regal Assets over the other companies I contacted was the overwhelming social proof.

An A+ BBB rating, an AAA BCA rating, over 400 5-Star reviews on TrustLink, notable mentions and ratings in highly respected publications, an honest and knowledgeable customer support and a customer friendly, easy to understand fee structure are the reasons I invested with Regal Assets.

Avoid Gold Companies That Show Any Of These Signs:

Unfair Dealing and Shady Practices : Some people feel as if they are speaking with a high pressure salesman, instead of an adviser on how to best proceed forward with precious metals investing. This can be a problem if you are dealing with a company who is not following sound business principles. Part of your due diligence will be to evaluate whether the representative from the company is being honest about how their company operates.

This is why entities such as the BBB, BCA, and Trustlink are so important, they can help to either back up the validity of a company, or unveil the truth about shady business practices. On this site I research the current standing with these entities for the companies I review as to help you make an educated decision on where to invest.

Aggressive Sales Pitches and Avoidance of Client’s Questions: This ties into point one. Making the decision to rollover your IRA or 401K into gold is a major decision, one that could affect the rest of not only your life, but that of your family as well. There is no room for aggressive sales tactics in this industry. Not when people are considering investing a large portion of their life savings.

This is why I chose Regal Assets, their representatives are informative, presenting the facts to the investor allowing them to make their own decision. Unlike many companies who inflate facts to push people into making a fast decision all because they are concerned about making commission.

Disproportionate Profit Margins Between Company and Client: This point ties back to one of the questions to ask that is stated above, concerning the type of metal that is investable. Some metals will yield a higher profit margin for the company you are investing with. And if some high-pressure salesman is trying to push you heavily towards one type of metal without fully disclosing information on all metals available, they may not have your best interest at heart.

My Recommendation

This is why it’s so crucial to work with an honest company from the start. You need to due your diligence; check the BBB, ask the important questions, and ensure you are making a sound financial decision.

?As mentioned above the company I chose for my rollover was Regal Assets; their credentials are amazing across the board and I really enjoyed speaking with them.  I love their fee structure, I couldn’t find a more customer friendly fee structure throughout all of my research.

I recommend checking out the Official Regal Assets Website and contacting them if you are serious about rolling over your IRA or 401K into gold or any other precious metal. ?