Regal Assets Review

One company that has garnered a stellar reputation in the precious metals industry is Regal Assets. Combining over 50 years of experience in the gold investing industry Regal Assets has quickly made a name for itself, and is now considered by many to be one of the better companies to invest with.

Regal’s experience really shows with retirement investing; they have an entire department dedicated to Gold IRA/401K rollovers.

I myself have invested a decent portion of my savings with Regal and below is my first hand account in dealing with them.

What Was My First Impression of Regal Assets?

The initial conversation left me with the feeling that this company really does put its customers first.  This was not the feeling I had when speaking with many others.

Regal Assets walked me step by step through the rollover process. Throughout the whole process the lines of communication were excellent both on the phone and via email. When I spoke with them they explained the entire inventory of available metals for me to choose from when funding my account. I also received a full breakdown on which coins/bullion would be wiser to invest in.

What I Like About Regal Assets:

  • Regal Assets history with the most respected business review sites is outstanding; an A+ BBB rating, a AAA Business Consumer Alliance rating, and over 400 five-star client reviews with Trustlink. (See below for links to these sources)
  • Extremely fast shipping, as a customer of Regal Assets you can expect to receive your metals within less than a week of funding your account.
  • The best storage and fee structure in the industry.
  • The flat fee is only $250/year. No matter how large the account is.
  • Regal Assets will pay for the first years storage fee and admin set up fee, most companies will make you pay this.
  • Regal Assets will buy gold back at spot price as to not ripoff you off like some other companies.
  • Regal Assets uses Brinks and segregates all storage.
  • Regal Assets recieved a #20 rating in the United States for financial services by Inc. Magazine.

Regal Assets Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating & Review

The BBB has a very straightforward system for rating a business; a business gets rated between A-F. Regal Assets is not only accredited but maintains an A+ rating within the BBB.

At the present moment Regal Assets has 0 complaints filed against them! This is a great sign, as when researching other gold IRA companies many had numerous complaints, and to make matters worse oftentimes those complaints were concerning fee structure and deceptive sales tactics.

Regal Assets Business Consumer Allicance (BCA) Rating & Review

The Business Consumer Alliance is much like the BBB in the role it serves as a consumer self-regulatory body. Also like the BBB, the BCA assists in dealing with complaints. The BCA has a rating system of AAA – F.

Again Regal Assets can boast a top rating, as they currently are rated AAA. And in over three years they have only had one complaint against them.

The nature of this one complaint has to do with shipping being included when ordering merchandise online. The company did respond explaining the consumer was not charged anything and that their order was never finalized and canceled after 4 days.

This complaint took place on 7/28/2011; there hasn’t been a single complaint to the BCA since.

Regal Assets Trustlink Rating & Review

Trustlink is the new kid on the block in terms of consumer protection sites, being founded by the BBB in 2008. However in my opinion and many others, it is the most telling as to whether or not you want to work with a particular company.

Trustlink is a forum where people can lodge complaints or compliments. Regal Assets currently enjoys a 5 star rating, and this 5 star rating has stayed consistent for the over 400 reviews they have on Trustlink! This spoke volumes to me, and should to you as well if you are looking for the best company to work with for your precious metals investing.

Regal Assets will even go in and address any complaint lodged against them, and ensure they do everything possible to make the customer happy by resolving the issue. Very few other companies bother going to this extent to ensure customer satisfaction.

In addition to having outstanding track records on the above consumer protection websites Regal Assets also has been mentioned in highly respected business publications such as Forbes, Smart Money and Inc Magazine. In fact Inc Magazine named Regal #20 in American for Financial Services.

Recent Trustlink Testimonials:

This customer exclaims how great his customer service experience was with Regal Assets:

“An excellent experience; simple, step by step guidance. Collin Plume was instrumental in assisting me with rolling over a traditional IRA and 401(k) into a Precious Metals IRA. He helped me break out my funds into the 4 different metals and answered quite a few questions straight up. I wish I would have done this last year. Thanks Collin” Tony F, posted 5/1/2014

?This customer was relieved as to how easy the process was:

“I have never purchased precious metals for an IRA-SEP and thought it would be a laborious task to do so. After contacting Christian Howard at Regal Assets I discovered that my concerns were baseless. Christian made the whole process extremely easy and problem free! We completed the transaction in a few phone calls. I would highly recommend Christian and Regal Assets to anyone who wishes to add precious metals to their retirement account. He certainly deserves a five star rating!?” James S. posted on 4/28/2014

Heres another customer impressed with how easy and painless the process is:

“Working with Regal Assets has been a pleasure. They are quick and easy to work with. I problems rolling over/getting the money out of my 401K from my employer, filling out their forms just so, etc. Once the money was in my Regal Account, buying gold and silver was a snap…” Robert C. posted on 4/27/2014

These are just a few from Trustlink, there are currently over 400.?

My Opinion

Most gold companies I spoke with (over a dozen) did not provide me the answers that I was looking for and therefore were immediately eliminated from my list. I am one of those people who hates pushy salesman, and plenty of companies I spoke with employed such people.

Some of these companies were pushing me to buy gold at a 20% mark up (which I figured out easily by checking the current spot price). So after months of research my list dwindled down to three, and Regal Assets was the company I ultimately chose.

The representative I spoke with was very thorough with me, ensuring I fully understood how the rollover process works and which metals would be ideal to purchase. I was even explained the pros & cons of metals investing, not just the pros. Again I never felt pressured and was encouraged to check out their credentials prior to making any decision.

I am of the personal belief that the dollar will continue to lose value, for me the writing is on the wall for where the US economy is heading. If you feel the same way about where this country is headed, and are seeking a safe and reputable precious metals company to invest with than I would recommend Regal Assets.

To review the Regal Assets office website click here.  Also be sure to see what other customers are saying on the testimonials page.