Rosland Capital Review

Rosland Capital is one of the first few companies I called during my search to find a gold IRA company. One of the first things that struck me was the lack of information they provided on their website.

Most gold company websites have more information provided so seeing such a lack of content was a little off-putting. However I still called Rosland Capital to see what they could offer me.

My First Thoughts From Speaking With Rosland Capital

The rep I spoke with seemed very friendly and rather knowledgeable. I didn’t get the pressured sales pitch I was assuming would come.

The phone call left me feeling pretty good about Rosland Capital. The rep did however recommend coins over bullion. In some of my preliminary research prior to calling any gold companies I was under the impression that bullion was better for investing than coins.

After further investigation into the coins vs. bullion issue and conversations with other companies, bullion is the better gold to invest in for an IRA rollover.

My next step in my Rosland Capital evaluation was to see how they checked out on various consumer review sites. This is where Rosland Capital lost my interest, as the number of complaints was too high for my liking; therefore I never called Rosland Captial back.

Rosland Capital Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating & Complaints

Rosland Capital currently maintains an A rating with the BBB; however since March of 2013 they do have 6 complaints filed against them.

While this is by no means an overwhelming amount of complaints, the nature of them is what is concerning. Of the six complaints two were concerning “advertising/sales issues”, one dealt with “delivery issues”, and three were related to “problems with product/service”.

Rosland Capital Business Consumer Advocate (BCA) Rating & Complaints

Rosland Capital maintains an AAA rating with the BCA, the highest possible score. They currently show six complaints within a three-year time span.

Similar with the BBB this is not a huge number of complaints, however reading the complaints themselves leave much doubt as to how Rosland Capital conducts business.

Read the below excerpt from the BCA’s complaint page:

“On 1/21/14 My mother sold her gold and silver coins back to Rosland. The compliance officer handled the sell back. He stated over the phone it would take up to 10 business days. That passed and no deposit. called and asked what was the problem, he said it would be the end of the week, This was on 2/04/14. As of today 2/18/14, still no deposit into her IRA. Called, left voice mail. No return call!”

The takeaway for me that was alarming was how long this woman is waiting to get money for her gold. I don’t know if this was ever resolved, I am assuming that Rosland Capital did get this woman’s money to her account.

However, like I stated in my “Top Questions To Ask Gold IRA Companies”, a major issue for me is the buyback program. And one of the main issues in dealing with a buyback is how quickly you can sell back your gold to get actual cash to spend.

What if this money was needed quickly? What if pressing medical bills needed to be paid? What if there was an unfortunate legal issue in the family that required some of that money?

The nature of this complaint was the deciding factor for me in not giving Rosland Capital another call and ultimately why I didn’t choose them.

Rosland Capital Trustlink Reviews & Complaints

Even after reviewing Rosland Capitals complaints’ in the BCA I still did my research with Trustlink. This further backed up my decision to no longer deal with them.

Their current average is only 3-Stars, and they only show 21 reviews of which most are very negative advising to avoid this company.

You can see this reviews in the link below.

My Final Concluding Thoughts On Rosland Capital

As stated above my initial conversation went well, although being advised on coins over bullion did seem like bad advice.

The deal breaker for me was the nature and volume of complaints on all of the consumer review sites. If I see another investor complaining about the buyback process this is amongst the bigger red flags for me.

Which Gold IRA Company Did I Choose?

It took me months and many phone calls to finally select a company. In the end I confidently trusted Regal Assets. There are a number of reasons I chose Regal Assets, you can read my full Regal Assets review here.

Every conversation I had with my rep from Regal Assets was not only informative but also very helpful throughout the process. I was very impressed with their customer service; however the deciding factor to choosing Regal Assets over the other companies I contacted was the overwhelming social proof.

An A+ BBB rating, an AAA BCA rating, over 400 5-Star reviews on TrustLink, notable mentions and ratings in highly respected publications, an honest and knowledgeable customer support and a customer friendly, easy to understand fee structure are the reasons I invested with Regal Assets.